Mutton Curry with Vegetable Polau

Weekends area unit continuously a decent break to upset our batteries always , additionally the meals also plays a vital role in it , somehow we tend to form some spicy, sour and made food. Mutton Keema or minced meat curry and vegetable Polau is one such meal. Keema or Minced meat is sort of Associate in Nursing intriguing ingredient. It are often nice to possess minced meat kabab any time of the day or easy keema, I remembered creating Ghughni with minced meat throughout Durga Puja on dashmi.This Ghughni is formed with Matar dekaliter or typically with Chick Pea.
We place The spice content in Minced meat curry on the next note because the spice enhances the flavour of minced meat . meat is 1st marinated and so the meat is deep deep-fried at master's degree with all the spices , bit of cookery and so its is transferred to steriliser for fast cookery, otherwise within the modern technique whole of the deep-fried meat is slowly burnt over a awfully low flame for Associate in Nursing hour .Both the approach keema is such a pleasure to eat .
Here is that the approach we tend to wish to prepare our Minced Meat curry , this curry is loaded with large indefinite amount of spice .This is one hot and spicy meal for warm summer afternoon. we tend to completely enjoyed feeding it with vegetable polau .

Mangshor Keema (Mutton Keema) and vegetable Polau

Keema or Minced meat – 1kg
For Marinating minced meat
Turmeric powder- 2-3 tsp
Red pepper powder-3-4 tsp

Coriander powder- 2tsp
Salt -2 tsp
2 tbs of mustard oil
For the Masala Paste
2 medium size onion
2 in. contemporary ginger
10 -12 cloves of garlic
Grind the on top of in Mixer
tempering and fixings
onion-3-4 shredded finely.
Sugar -1 tsp
Cardamom- five
Cinnamon- 2-3 in. stick, broken into items
2-3 bay leaves
2 -3 tbs of mustard oil
1 tomato shredded finely


Wash the minced meat in very little heat water and dispose of and drain .
Marinate the mutton with turmeric, red pepper ,salt,mustard oil.
Meanwhile prepare the masala Paste . boost the marinating Mutton,and put aside for one hrs .
Now heat up Kadai or any significant bottom pan, add mustard oil and let it heat up.
Add sugar, herb and every one the spice as well as, cardamom,cloves and cinnamon .
Add onions and fry at master's degree for 3-4 mints until they're slightly brown, add a lot of oil if necessary .
Add the marinated mutton and currently deep fry the minced meat for ten mints at master's degree high.
Transfer the content to a steriliser and TIP-add the water by slightly warming within the Kadai that you used for deep cookery ,this way the masala that has stuck at the edges of Kadai can start off simply and it are often other to the Gravy conjointly .Add one shredded tomato conjointly .
Cover the cooking utensil Pan and lock it , at full high flame , one whistle and quickly lower the flame and let it cook for one more ten mints .stop the Flame and let the pressure subside .
Open the quilt and sprinkle shredded coriander leaves (optional).

Vegetable Polau

Basmati rice – 2cups (we used Govind Bhog Rice)
10 beans shredded finely (you could add alternative vegetables also)
1 medium size onion
4 cloves of garlic shredded finely
½ in. of contemporary ginger shredded finely
2 in. cinnamon broken into random items
6 cloves
3 -4 cardamom open in between .
2 Bay leaf
3-4 tbs of drawn butter for cookery


Wash the rice completely and soak them for ten mints , currently transfer them in massive vessel with water and cook the rice , Drain the water once its partly done .
Now heat up the Kadai , add drawn butter and every one the tempering ingredients and fry at low for 2-3 mints until the good smell of Spices comes out .
Now add all the dry fruits , beans and tomato , once more fry them at low for four minutes , currently transfer this combineture to the burnt rice and gently mix them , if needed at this point add a lot of drawn butter .Take out the complete Polau during a Hot Pot and canopy .Let it stay there for a minimum of ½ hrs this fashion the remainder of rice that desires that further cookery are done .
Open after you area unit able to serve and eat .
Happy cookery Friends.

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