Bangla is not Coming ?

HOW TO: Fix Bengali Display Problem in Google Chrome

First Download Bengali font Kalpurush from the Link.

You can use any other Bengali fonts of your choice.

Then Click on Start button type font in the search box as in the picture.

Open fonts folder and copy pest the Downloaded font to that folder.

The latest update of Google Chrome has raised / widespread a Bangla text display issue. Many of the users see broken texts on their Google Chrome browser. Here is a way to solve this problem.

Go to Settings> Show Advanced Settings > Web content > Customized fonts

And select ‘Kalpurush’ for Serif font and ‘Siyam Rupali’ for ‘Sans-serif font.

Extra Steps (Windows Only):

  1. Open Google Chrome and type chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit enter to load.

  2. Now look for the title that says Disable DirectWrite. If you can’t find it then type chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write in the URL bar and press enter button.

  3. Click on Enable button to disable it.

  4. To make the changes to take effect click on Restart now to restart Google Chrome.

That should solve the Bangla display problem. You can also try to change fonts on other category as well to suffice your needs.

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